Ask the Right Home Security Questions

I want to get a personal loan from the bank so that I can install a top line security system in my home. The top of the line home security system is a must in today’s violent world. Home security systems are there to discourage a thief from entering into your home. Recently I moved into an area that unknown to me had a very high rate of break-ins. It was a fact that there would be at least one home per week broken into.

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At the time of this writing there had been no injuries due to break-ins because the thieves broke in when there was no one in the homes or businesses. However, it would be just a matter of time before a robber encountered a homeowner while trying to break in to their home. If that occurred then something more serious might occur. That is why I am going downtown to get a personal loan from the bank to have my home security system installed. With the best home security system I will make sure that my home and my family are well protected.

It was interesting to note however, that all of the homes that have displayed a home security system sign, are the homes that the robbers have avoided breaking into. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense that a robber would choose a home that was not protected by a security firm. The robber simple chooses the easier target, the homes that are not protected by security alarms.

A good security systems company should be well known for their attention to every little detail when it comes to providing protection for your home and for your family. When you have a security systems representative visit your home for a free in-home evaluation, he will discuss all of the latest and up to date home security systems that are available. I am so happy that I have decided to have a top line security system installed in my home. I feel so much more secure than before I had such a system.

When you choose a security company, choose one that is both honest and reliable. They should also offer home packages that are affordable. They should be able to answer all of the following questions. If they can, then you know that you are dealing with a very reputable and experienced company.

There are general system questions that need to be answered such as why is there false detections with my motion sensor? I have call waiting on my phone line. Can that affect my service? Why is there a display of “no ac” on my keypad? Will VOIP work with my security system? Or, how does my alarm system work?

Other general questions may include why does the alarm seem to take a long time to notify control central? What is an undefined signal? If I lose electric power, will my alarm system still work? Why is my system not communicating correctly? Why does my keypad display “not ready”? Or, if I accidentally press the fire alarm or panic button on the touch pad, what will happen?

Then there are these service questions that need to be asked and answered. What should I do if my technician does not show up as scheduled? Who do I call for Alarm Monitoring Issues? If there is a problem, can you turn my system off from the offices? My alarm went by accident and I entered the security code and shut the alarm off. I thought that there would be a call, but there was not. Why wasn’t there one? Who do I call to Schedule Service for my Security System? What if my system isn’t working right?

Plus you should know the answers to these questions. Why does my system show that control central is “still working on it”? If there is an emergency, should I call control central first?

If you ask your sales rep all of these questions and he can get you adequate answers then you know that you have found a company that will provide you with good service.